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There are three options for meeting travellers

Owners deliver to nearby airports

Travelers pick up the car at the owner’s location

Owners deliver to custom locations around town, within a set radius

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Tele Taxi Alicante

An alternate or an emergency transport to pick up the customers with amicable cabbies is named as Taxi cab. It is quite different from other modes of transport conveys the passengers to their desired location. Here the pickup and drop off is decided by the service provider rather than the traveler. A huge obligation to the technology and emerged human nature, it is the generation where we can travel to places easily by having a trial in autonomous vehicles. Tele Taxi Alicante is a professional taxi service which is just a telephone call away with more than 300 cabs across Spain.

Tele Taxi Alicante is an advanced booking platform for the travelers designed to accommodate various desired needs efficiently through the mobile app. Are you annoyed of waiting for a long time with the limited availability of taxis with This service will make you go ease with an affordable fare, on-time service, all day availability, emergency alerts, delightful customer service and lot more features that mark the excellence of our cab service.

Best features among other cabs

They offer new ones move in e-hailing, making every travel a memorable one for our passengers. With this emerging features and excellent service brings out a positive feedback from the passengers who are enjoying the travel with the cabbies. Also, the passengers are provided with an app, where they can book the cab, the cab drivers who are just a distance away will reach you at the preferred place. Once they enter into the cab, all information about the cab like cab number, license, also with free Wi-Fi facility, everything will be displayed on their mob screen along with the cabby’s details using this GetmeTaxi website.

By this instant booking, the app is enhanced with all the advanced features which seem to be an easy way when compared to hire the taxi manually. Also, the passengers can rate the cabby’s service to them in the app, which makes the service to reach a step higher from startup location. Moreover, the cab service will make sure to the passenger to be on time and drop them to the destination on time safely by not making the passengers to get disappointment on the service. A unique feature is offered to the users by charging the pay through e-wallets for a quicker and convenient transaction. Also, the app is integrated with the map so that the user can know the précised location and accurate information.

A delightful ride across anywhere

Extending a myriad of vehicle types and multiple payment options, the service renders maximum comfort and satisfaction from the users. Tele taxi Alicante believes honestly in inclusive growth and thus enhance various opportunities to their cabbies to develop the skills and succeed in the field. All the chauffeurs are trained with excellent skills to offer disciplined and hospitable services to the seekers. The passengers can enjoy the service according to their preferred needs either to be in the simple or luxury way and the booked cab will be according to their way of travel. Also, the user can inform to the maximum of five members when under any emergency cases through the app with an alert message.

For special occasions, anniversaries, sports, work location, schools, hospitals, airports and lot more places they will bring their best memorable service with safe and secure as it is the first priority of every chauffeur. The cab service will take pleasure in having a change over in the industry by affording the safety and luxury ride with reasonable fare. Are you getting tired of waiting for the taxi on time? Here is the Tele Taxi Alicante who will help you to reach your destination on time by having our delightful service.